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Your Therapist

My name is Stephanie.  I have been an Osteopathic Manual Therapist since 1999.  I completed 5 years of Osteopathic training in London, England in the 90's.  My training followed the philosophy created by American Physician, Andrew Taylor Still and then brought over to England by one of his proteges, John Littlejohn.  This philosophy states that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself, and that structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.  

 As an Osteopathic Manual Therapist I try to uncover what is blocking the ability for the body to heal.  I believe that when there is dysfunction of a structure then the function is affected also, by treating the structure I am also treating its function thereby facilitating healing and reduced pain.


My Osteopath


 "As I walked into her office for the first time my physical body was afraid and in trepidation of what was to come. 

After all, it had been hurting for a very long time.

As she put her hands on my body the gentleness and assurance of her touch relaxed me.

As each session with her came and went- I would leave her office with a spring in my step and a new found hope for my life and the way my physical body could 

respond to life.

It was as if each part of my body  was an instru​ment in the orchestra and as each instrument realized that together they could play the most beautiful music it rejoiced.

It could be done with little effort and that integrating all the instruments to make this music would bring a flow of ease and grace to my physical body.

I live in gratitude of my Osteopath and all that she has brought into my life.

I thank you, Stephanie and send you blessings of God's love and light."

Bev. K (2013)


"Stephanie is amazing. She puts my back and neck into alignment with gentle movements. 

I used to go to two weeks but not anymore.  She will change your life."  Doug B


"I have been seeing Stephanie for the last 5 years and she has helped me

more than any other healthcare professional."  Sara J

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